Many of my clients are finding that going back to basics provides a sense of stability in a tumultuous world. They are asking to be reminded of the leadership abilities we discuss during an EOS® Focus Day, and I wanted to share them with you at this time. However, with an adjustment to take into consideration a market that may be in contraction for your company.

  1. Simplify– decide what to stop doing to streamline processes and decision making. Simplifying can also make clear what new opportunities are out there now. For example, one of my clients is focusing more on social media to drive internet sales since their retail clients are temporarily closed. Another client is reaching out to industries they hadn’t focused on before who are experiencing a surge in business such as pharmaceutical, health care, etc. to drive new orders.


  1. Delegate– there may be fewer people to delegate to, so one option is to get staff together (remotely, of course) and say, “these are the things we need to do – who has the skills and wants to do it?” Let them volunteer. We all have smart, dedicated people who now more than ever want to make a difference. Give them that opportunity and I am confident you will be pleased. Also, ask family members to take on tasks that you would normally be responsible for to lighten your load so that you can focus on more critical tasks.


  1. Predict– in crisis time we move to short term predicting. Determine how fast issues are coming at you. Can you wait until your weekly (L10) meetings to tackle issues or are the issues coming so quickly that you need a daily huddle as well? Some of my clients are adding a quick 10-minute morning (remote) huddle in addition to their weekly meetings to be nimble and to make more immediate decisions. A short morning huddle is also a great way to keep your (remote) team energized. Require staff to treat work from home as though they are coming into the workplace by having them on the call first thing in the morning, and to dress and groom as they are coming to work.


  1. Systemizing– look at your processes and cut the excess steps, only keep what makes a difference. You may have to add a new system as it relates to the health and safety. Now is the time to draft those processes and to then have staff follow them. Having a clearly defined process will make your business easier to manage and more profitable.


  1. Structure– ensure you have solid communication across all divisions and rank. During a period of contraction, we revert to what we call the reverse accountability chart. This is where you predict that if sales fall off by some percentage who on your team would be placed on furlough. Conversely, this is a time to consider adding staff with an expertise in an area in which would free you up to work in your highest and best use based on your own skills and talent.


It is important to use the same language throughout your organization. It eliminates confusion and errors. Feel free to use the terms above as you implement steps to creates clear and effective communication.

Lastly, let’s plan and prepare for the eventual surge in business too once we beat this virus!

Stay healthy and happy!

Moving Ahead In An Uncertain Time By Going Back To The Basics
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